Adhere to quality excellence


  • Quality is the basic condition for microbial fiber production process.

    > Set good quality control steps to ensure the purity of products.

    > Set good quality control steps to ensure product purity and strictly control product factory processes to ensure the integrity and high quality of products.

  • Management team with innovative thinking and qualities of pursuing better

    > Full of vitality, constantly breaking new ground to build a strong team

    > Encourage communication, Stimulate creativity, Gather talented people together, Promote enterprise development

    > Efforts towards the development of high-end medical materials dressing forward microbial fiber to the medical market, and make a contribution to medical care.

Environmental Priority ・Based on Green Energy


  • Environmental Priority ・Based on Green Energy

    > bcultra™ make use of natural edible materials, and is produced in clean rooms. It is biodegradable. The whole production process is without waste. It is recyclable and compliance with environmental concept.

  • Create 100% green production lines, implement environmentally friendly green industry

    > Microbial fiber membrane broth can be made into liquid fertilizer used in agriculture.

    > Masks can be regarded as fertilizer after using

    > When microbial fiber membrane was cut into facial masks, the side materials left have characteristics of adsorbing dirt, after the process of breaking it , it can be transformed into functional skin care cleansing products.