Unique 3D Nano structure with Density Gradient Configuration

Exclusive patent microbial cellulose facial mask, 0.03 cm thin transparent sheet , 3D nano structure Can fully stick to the skin ditch firmly, and create a greater surface perfectly fit to the skin.


If we look at the longitudinal section, on the surface of the structure is denser, under the surface of the structure is much sparser, and integrally formed from dense to sparse progressive structure.
Such a structure can carry the solution from the denser surface to the sparse surface more effectively with better conduction, on the other hand, because of its small dense surface cellulose interleave gap , it does not allow any external bacteria to penetrate. With these particular characteristics, whether applying it on skin care products or as medical dressing materials, are perfect.

bcultra™- Unique Special Effect on Sebum Removal

The density gradient configuration not only enhances the transfer efficiency of essence from the membrane to the dermal, but also removes the excess sebum.

Sebum Removal Comparison Chart of bcultra™ Facial Masks And Other Thick Bio-Cellulose Facial Masks

Bcultra™ has its unique 3D nano-structure and density gradient configuration. It performances well in adsorbing the excess sebum from skin (cover 92.7% sebum) and can provide you deep cleansing on your skin pores. Your oily skin condition can be greatly improved.


We have discovered from the test that other thick bio-cellulose facial masks can only adsorb 27.1% of excess sebum, deep cleansing power is far less than bcultra™.



The conduction adsorbs excess sebum from the pores to the membrane, the adsorbed oil can be seen clearly.