The World’s First Organic Membrane

Most traditional facial masks are made of non-woven materials or improvements and changes based on the material. Its diameter is larger when you apply it on your face, and it could only cover the protruding part of the skin. It cannot be completely attached to the skin and skin mound ditch, it is poor in obedience and any slight movement is easily peeled off, unable to fit perfectly.


The diameter of bcultra™ fiber is about 20 nm, less than the diameter of skin grooves which is 50nm, When applied to the skin, it can fit perfectly to the skin. With its structural integrity as a super-conductive body, bearing and releasing solution, therefore, in the state of rich essence covering the surface of the skin to create a closed percutaneous absorption effect of high efficiency (Occlusive Dressing Treatment, ODT), it continues to release essence contained to the underlying skin, and let the skin fully adsorb the effective essence. When we use bio-cellulose as material for facial mask, compare to other materials, it’s more conductive, and as the world’s NO.1 organic membrane, it’s an essential high-price material.

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Nympheas bio-cellulose facial mask
Other bio-cellulose facial masks
Non-woven materials
Appearance translucent 、light、 thin White、uneven、 thickness White 、thick、 heavy
Skill and Production Natural, sole bacteria culture, produced in sheets, made in Taiwan, size: about (20~30) nanometers, will not cause environmental burden Multiple bacterium culture-Produced in cubes & sliced into pieces Petrochemical fiber material, fiber diameter is about 2000 nm (skin ditch diameter 50 nm)
Configuration Density gradient configuration ,enhances the transfer efficiency of essence sliced after production, structure destroyed , thick and airtight, no long application recommended can be categorized into many different non-woven materials, airtight, no long application recommended
Adherence fit perfectly, free to move under any activity ,comfortable, high willingness of continuous applying better than non-woven materials, recommend lying while applying Easily fall off while applying, limiting activity, low willingness to apply mask
Dermal Transfer Efficiency Great moisturizing , can increase the effect of essence maintenance imported through so-called "water channel" better than non-woven materials essence gets dry easily, if apply for too long, skin moisture loss , the skin becomes drier
Cleaning remove excess sebum from the skin none none
Effects enhance essence to the dermal, lifting and soothing, maintain the skin supple and elastic better than other non-woven materials, feeling airtight and not moisturizing after applying some must preserve in the refrigerator Hydrophilic structure , although it can adsorb a lot of essence, unable to penetrate to the skin
Price Expensive, saturatedeffectively ,recommend application twice or three times a week expensive Uneven quality, uneven price, customers have more selections
Other Medical Application burning healing material Audio eardrum none none
Similarity Artificial skin Medicinal patch Absorbent sponge