• Natural Biomaterials、safe、non-toxic natural palliative care without preservatives
  • Soothing, calming, cooling, no stimulation, no allergies, edible
  • Sterile, non-toxoid, no antibacterial product specifications, can be used simultaneously with doctor’s prescription.
  • Medical grade microbial fiber membrane used extensionally in medical surgery specialist care, unique 3D nano structure with density gradient configuration, has adopted Taiwan Patent, U.S. Patent, European patent and is currently the most advanced medical beauty material in the field of microbiology fiber. It has adopted AMA skin sensitivity test, confirmed compatibility with human body tissues without allergic reactions.
The Main Function
  • Let sensitive inflamed skin heal rapidly、relieve the pain and swelling、degradation of feeling hot Accelerate wound healing naturally, provide great moisture environment at the wound surface


The Main Application
  • Suitable for skin repairing after medical beauty surgery in 72 hours Skin care and early wound care for micro plastic surgery such as laser surgery, intense pulse light, laser resurfacing