The Application of Microbial Cellulose in Medical Material
  • Microbial cellulose membrane (bcultra™) in addition to its natural environmental friendly feature, it can be widely used because of its high biocompatibility in the field of medical materials, such as: artificial blood vessels, artificial organs, bone filling material, contact lenses and wound dressing material etc.…
  • Formula conduction development, manufacturing, product verification and packaging design with domestic and foreign professional doctors
  • New type of dressing, can reduce the number of dressing changes significantly, ease the pain, and accelerate wound healing
  • An ideal barrier against bacteria to avoid infection, maintains a moist environment at the dressing surface, High water vapor transmission rate; naturally adhesive on wound bed.

bcultra™- Characteristics of Microbial Cellulose
  • Natural Micro Cellulose Membrane synthesized by bacteria, with special nanostructures and natural decomposition.
  • With the function of the human epidermis, Biological material, to be used for long period of time until wound forms scab.
    (1) Naturally adhere to the wound(2) Forms a protective layer(3) Promote wound tissue growth(4) Accelerate wound healing
  • Good bacteria barrier:(1)can isolate the bacteria, avoid infection. (2)Reduce wound complications.(3)Reduce the use of antibiotics.
  • Breathable and retains water:(1)Reduce tissue fluid extravasation and loss.(2)Good ventilation, avoid tissue hypoxia.
  • Semitransparent for monitoring wound healing easily.
  • Good natural adhesive for face, body and limbs without the use of tape auxiliary fixing.
  • Non-toxic, non-irritating, non-allergenic, non-pyrotoxin,does not cause tissue rejection and tissue growth obstacles.
Application and Indications

Applicable for any damage to the wound epithelium, including the skin surface, skin shallow, and acute or chronic wound exudate.

bcultra™- Microbial Cellulose Membrane
  • The diameter of BC is only 1/100 of plant cellulose
  • Natural nanostructure materials
  • Microbial Cellulose Membrane is formed of bio-cellulose grown by Acetobacter xylinum
  • Good water retention, mechanical toughness and strength, infection prevented, breathable
  • Similar to human skin epidermis, naturally adhere to the wound, Forms a protective layer
Comparison of wound dressing materials

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