Complete Production System: from the cultivation of microbial fiber to solution filling as well as final goods packaging, we built up a seamless production system;
We provide our clients complete service from raw materials to finished products.

Customized Service: Customized OEM services, professional formulation and filling

All Kinds of Mask Ranges
Facial Masks
Translucent bcultra™, comfort fitness, enhance essence to the dermal, lifting and soothing,
maintain the skin supple and elastic, free to move under any activity,
experience the new realm of skin care.
Eye Masks

bcultra™ can help you hide your age. Enjoy the perfect fit of bcultra™, you can move freely.

Nose Masks

Nose masks are exclusively designed products for Asian skin and in response to the majority demand of the market.
Bcultra™ nose masks are the only thin nose masks in the market. It can remove excess sebum from your nose and
provide you deep cleansing on your skin pores.


Neck Masks
Having a turkey neck is the nightmare of every woman, bcultra™ neck masks
can help you prevent and get rid of it.